Programs & Policies

Program evaluation | Policy development | Public consultation

Outcomes, objectives, visions, consultation spectrums, public surveys, obligations and initiatives — they are all part of our vocabulary. Contentworks assists government organizations to develop, evaluate and fine-tune programs or policies in both cultural resource management and information management. We understand the importance of properly aligning programs within legislative and policy frameworks to meet specific objectives.

Contentworks offers a solid knowledge base of federal and provincial standards and related obligations in a wide variety of fields, such as communications, culture and heritage information management, real property management and web publication.   Our work on high-profile projects for federal and provincial agencies includes cultural resource management, program evaluations, public affairs as well as training in public participation and web programming. Given the variety of assignments we undertake, we are always mindful of gaps in our core knowledge base and experience when planning projects. We diligently work with our clients to ensure that the right professionals are included on every team.

Our experience includes:

  • Guides and self-assessments
  • Policy analysis and development
  • Program evaluation
  • Project management
  • Public consultation
  • Workshop facilitation

Sample Project

Project: Heritage Management Process and Handbook (2007)

Client: Ontario Realty Corporation

The Ontario Realty Corporation, now part of Infrastructure Ontario, manages one of largest and most diverse public realty portfolios in Canada.  Recognizing the importance of preserving this cultural heritage, the Corporation asked Contentworks to create a more effective process for identifying, evaluating and managing heritage properties owned by the Province of Ontario. In collaboration with ORC staff, we reviewed and reported on heritage and environmental assessment obligations (such as policies and legislation).  The process we developed was described by the ORC as key process “for identifying and conserving heritage properties in the provincial portfolio.”

ORC Heritage Management Process Handbook (cover)

Photo: ORC Heritage Management Process Handbook (cover).