Content Planning & Development

Data and records managementExhibits, publication and learning productsImage and AV researchWeb contentMapping support

Data and records management

Research data management is embedded in everything we do, from historical research to built heritage evaluations to public consultations. We provide solutions for electronically tracking, storing and accessing documents and information.  In collaboration with information management/technical (IM/IT) specialists and librarians, team members can provide advice on technical solutions to fit specific project requirements.

Exhibits, publications and learning products

Planning and creating content for exhibits, publications and special promotions is an important element of our work. In collaboration with exhibit designers, we have developed story lines, negotiated rights, prepared texts and captions, reviewed texts and drawings for accuracy and mapped out learning objectives. We have even developed learning products to meet curriculum expectations across Canada. As a team, we understand the steps required to move from an idea to a fully developed product – whether it’s for use in a classroom, museum, online or in print.

Image and AV research

Film makers and publishers use our services to ensure that images, sound and film content is correctly credited and appropriate to the story line of documentary productions.

Web content

Creating useful, rich web content for online exhibits and publications is one of our specialties. Most of our clients work in the areas of cultural, Indigenous experiences and history, and built heritage. They need reliable, carefully crafted content based on authoritative sources. Contentworks helps them set priorities to get challenging content online and ensures that the right skills are brought together to make it happen on time and on budget.

Mapping support

Knowledge about the land, heritage resources and relationships between populations over time and across landscapes is difficult to communicate effectively without maps and other forms of graphics. Contentworks works with consultants in geomatics, graphic design, architecture and landscape architecture to help put information on maps by delivering data that can be used effectively by professionals working with a wide range of tools.

Selected clients

  • Department of National Defence
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Ontario Realty Corporation
  • Parks Canada
  • Qikiqtani Inuit Association
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Sample Project

Project: Historic Treaties Web Site.

Client: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Paying treaty. 1954. Credit: Terrance Hunt / NWT Archives, N-1979-062-0242 (1620072)

Photo: Paying treaty at Fort Simpson. South Slavey people gather with federal government officials and RCMP, c 1954. Credit: Terrance Hunt / NWT Archives, N-1979-062-0242 (1620072).

Contentworks was asked by INAC to review, prepare and plan for the online publishing of historic reports, photographs and maps of the historic numbered treaties. In collaboration with a consulting librarian, we reformatted dozens of historic reports to meet the requirements of Common Look and Feel, conducted image research from various institutions for the image library, co-developed the interface and structure of the library and wrote introductions for all sections of the web site. With slight modifications, the product is still in use by INAC. URL :