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Old Alaska Highway

Old Alaska Highway on the Sikanni Hill. CW Photo.

Photos: Old Alaska Highway on the Sikanni Hill. CW Photo.
Project: Alaska Highway Heritage Project.
Client: Alaska Highway Community Society.

Contentworks is dedicated to protecting Canada’s history for posterity. It is this passion and understanding that underscores our professional advisory services as historian, content producers and writers. Whether we are working with clients to develop cultural heritage programs and policies, conserving heritage resources or presenting history to Canadians, we remain committed to creating truly useful ideas and content that will stand the test of time.

What We Do

History is the core of our business, but it also serves as the foundation for other services that take full advantage of our research, analysis and communication skills. Our theoretical grounding in related fields, such as heritage conservation and commemorations, combined with our technical training and experience in program evaluation, public consultations, new media and information design, gives us an edge that is highly valued by our clients. The 150th anniversary of Confederation is right around the corner. We are working with government, community and private clients to make meaningful contributions to this important anniversary through heritage conservation, public history and interpretation planning.

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  • Government and Crown Corporations
  • Legal and media communities
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  • Non-government organizations
  • Property managers and developers

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